F   A   N

Diverse literacy, colorful society, aesthetics but like a single gathering. Body concern, mental breakdown, self-confidence but like a waterfall down. Popular criticism, harsh requirements, catering but like a fake face smiling.

Must be a slap face?
Must be a nine-headed body? Must be Greek feet?
Must be chopstick legs?
Must be a cartoon waist?
But, it's always been like this

So, are you anxious?
Are she, are they, are we anxious?

Physical restraint, spiritual discipline, where our souls will fall
Stifling attitudes, strolls denial, is 8 grams of weight considered too more

Anorexia, depression, anxiety, overeating, self-harm, these chains do belong to none Disdain, dislike, disgust, superficial, prejudice, these words echo over and over gone

No one has the right to limit the definition of beauty. No one has qualification to give women anxiety.
No one has the ability to define the beauty of the body. Each individual is a unique being.

Each individual is the existence perfecting. Each individual is a hopeful living.

You have to learn to love yourself.