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Pet House                                                                                                    Pet House with Manual
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In 2023, China has further proposed a law on animal protection. As a result of

trading or adopting pets in the past, Chinese long-distance purchasers usually

received animals in courier boxes. This method is widely used due to the low cost

of transportation. Our pro-pet-able program certified by the grovenment produce

new Package Design and Manual for preventing pet cruelty. By using this method

as a medium to apply to the purchase, as well as adoption. Helping them have a new

perspective on how pets are transported in courier boxes safely and beneficially.

The audience prefer to include all the pet lovers and spectators. But since the

background it founded, we would focus more on the people in China. For users, based

on the lifestyle, habits, and potential needs of China’s large population, the idea of a

courier box is a method that is widely used due to the low cost of transportation. Also,

as a bystander, the average delivery box does not transport pets, so this medium will

make them curious and doubtful to observe and participate in the outcome of

pro-pet-able, and utilizing this as an entry point in my communication on both sides.